Depression for $200

Announcer: "THIS. IS. JEOPARDY!"

Announcer: "Today's contestant is a middle-aged male that works in the human services industry. He is happily married with two daughters and lives with the co-occurring conditions, substance use disorder and depression."


Announcer: "And now, illegitimately lending his namesake posthumously for the sake of this blog's narrative, here is the host of Jeopardy, ALEX TREBEK."

Alex: "Thank you. Could Be Anyone. That is a most interesting name. Can you tell us a little bit about the origin of it?" 

Could Be Anyone: "Well there's not much to tell. Like you, the author is using my name for the sake of the narrative and to point out that my character could literally be anyone."

Alex: "Ok then, welcome aboard and let's go to work. Good luck!"

Alex: "Let's look at the board."

Alex: "Today we have... Depression and Anxiety."

Alex: "Could Be Anyone, you're up."

CBA: "Thanks Alex. I'll take Ominous Thoughts and Feelings for $200 please."

Alex: "These thoughts can be fleeting or lasting depending on how severe your depression is at the time."

CBA: "What is suicidal ideation?"

Alex: "That is correct!"

CBA: "Ok. I'll take Physical and Emotional Behavior for $200."

Alex: "Stigma implies that not being able to do this is just a form of laziness." 

CBA: "What is getting out of bed in the morning?"

Alex: "Correct. We would have also accepted go to the gym, work or school."

CBA: "Let's see. How about Hard to Describe for $200."

Alex: "Depression is often hard to describe to loved ones and friends but a person living with depression might possibly feel like this."

CBA: "What is trying to swim in the ocean, in the dark, alone, with cinder blocks tied to your feet?"

Alex: "Well done Could Be Anyone."

Alex: "Let's pick one more before we go to break."

CBA: "Sounds like a plan Alex. How about Riding it Out for $200?"

Alex: "And it's the Daily Double! What would you like to wager?"

CBA: "I'll wager all of it Alex."

Alex: "Ok. Good luck. This is perhaps the most important thing people living with depression should know."


Alex: "That is absolutely correct! You are on a roll. Let's take a quick break. We'll see you back here in two minutes and two seconds. No. I stand corrected. I'm actually getting word that the author is just using my catchphrase as a segue to wrap up the post."

Depression is not a game. 

Depression is certainly not laziness. 

And it is not permanent. 

If you think you are experiencing depression, talk to a friend, family member or your physician. 

There is help available and it is treatable. 


If you need help or just someone to talk with, here are a few amazing resources.

SAMHSA National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Dial 988

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