My Algorithm Is A Nice Person

 If you’ve ever been sucked into the vortex of Instagram, then you have experienced what it’s

like to have your feed get highjacked by the almighty and all-knowing algorithm.

About a month ago my wife begrudgingly sat with me on the couch while I watched one of the

greatest worst films of all-time, the 2014 masterpiece, Sharknado 2: The Second One.

I could write a whole blog about Ian Ziering (pronounced EYE-ANN) and his tour de force

performance but that is not what I am here to talk about.

What happened after the movie is what caught me off guard.

When I opened my Instagram the first thing that popped up in my feed was an ad for a JAWS

Trucker Hat. Yes, as in JAWS the not-so-friendly shark.

Crazy right?

I know what you are thinking. Did he buy the hat? Of course, I did.

Again, not the point.

We are living in a world where everyday conversations are being data mined by corporations to

“better serve” our shopping experience.

Damn you smart phone, Alexa and smart TV. I trusted you.

Also thank you. The JAWS hat is fire.

It sounds very 1984, but is it out of the realm of possibility that Big Brother is using the

algorithm for good and not evil?

The other day an ad popped up in my feed for a line of apparel marketing itself as “anti-


Contextually the ad made sense because I have experienced depression and talk about it often.

The picture in the ad was of a woman standing in line behind someone wearing a sweatshirt

that reads, “Dear person behind me, you are amazing, beautiful, and you are enough. Remember that.”

Gut punch.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

I immediately thought, EVERYONE needs this sweatshirt.

The world needs this sweatshirt!

Everyone that stands in any line, in any place, for any reason, needs to be wearing this


How many times has someone struggling in silence, needed to hear those words but did not

have the courage to ask for help?

How many people would still be here today if they had read those words on the back of a


Your sweatshirt.

My sweatshirt.

It is so incredibly difficult to recognize the signs of depression or to know if someone is


More than 50,000 Americans died by suicide in 2023. More than any year on record.

We need to increase the awareness.

We need to have the conversations but first we need to start them.

How do we start a conversation as difficult as this one?

Maybe it’s as simple as a sweatshirt.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can receive help 24 hours a day. Please call the

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Dial 988

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  1. This is a great one! You are beautiful and enough…we all are!!!


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