Fuck The News

 "Five year old swims by herself for the first time without the help of floaties. Family and friends stand nearby and cheer!"

"Tom Cruise Leads Paparazzi on High-Speed Chase through Manhattan."

"A man and his nine year old daughter pay a visit to his 85 year old grandmother and have lunch."

I'm slowly losing my faith in humanity.

I'm quickly coming to realize that the news in the mainstream media trigger dark thoughts in my head. The thoughts get caught in my brain like a dragon fly, helplessly trapped in an intricate, impenetrable web spun by an unassuming but lethal spider.

I need to shut off the television.

I need to disconnect the wi-fi.

I need to shut down the smart phone.

There is no "Impending Zombie Apocalypse".

There is no "END TIMES".

I need to make my own news.

I need to make my own news and report it.

We need to make our own news.

Good news.

Please make your own news and report it.

I'll read that.

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